9/11 Q Drops

Going to reorg here.  Rather than go by numbers, let’s try to do this by day.  Q was busy this day, so it’ll be a bit.  And if you didn’t notice, I skipped some.  I’m trying to keep up but don’t have that much time, so I started skipping some of the filler ones.  Things that are more for humor and encouragement to specific anon’s, or sometimes when it’s repetitive I just jump to the end.




Patriot day.  Feel free to read the proclamation.  I suspect there’s a deeper symblance this day will bring in the coming years.  When the patriots of this age take the country back.  We’re at war.  Few realize this, but it’s sort of a new civil war, revolutionary war.  Not sure.  I’m glad they won’t forget 9/11 though.  May the truth come out and all the citizens see what was done to us and stand against it.


The graphics are above are a set of unnamed sources and MSM contacts.  You can blow it up bigger on one of the Q drop pages if you want to see it.  Basically Q is mapping out the contact that happens between FBI, DOJ, and news outlets.  Just vague, because they have it through classified means and can’t reveal exactly who yet.  Mark Meadows posts tie in to this.  Sounds like the texts give away that Strzok and Lisa Page both were involved with leaking info to the press, that was then used to help push the Trump collusion narrative and the FISA abuse.





So, a person from inside the Vatican is revealing abuses happening to people, and he’s the Satanist?  If you haven’t seen the posts about the vatican, just go look at the Pope’s audience chamber:

There’s no way the serpent semblance just happened.  Really?

As Q says, their symbolism will be their downfall.



The quotes on the front are the best part.  In case you can’t read it.


Panic.  You may have to zoom in a little to read these. So let’s step through it.

  • Rosentein tried to meet with Trump, probably to figure out a deal cause he’s toast.  Meeting declined.
  • Sally Yates hired lawyers.  She’s one of those dropped from the DOJ.  Did you do something wrong Sally?
  • Sounds like McCabe and Comey are talking to get their stories straight.  That was a mistake.  I thought it’s in a drop Q said “FISA goes both ways”.  I explain in a sec
  • James Baker ready to testify
  • Lisa Page(FBI Lawyer) testifying against Strzok like we thought.
  • Bruce Ohr(DOJ) testifying to save his wife
  • Steele who was the British Spy that help get all the Russian Dossier info is seeking non extradition to US.  He doesn’t want to be arrested and sent here for trial.  Wonder why.
  • Rats running

So, it finally hit me a big chunk of what’s been going on with Q.  Q often says “They have everything”, but that seems to be the case since they have the NSA data.  They’ve been recording all sorts of data on us all, but it’s not admissable to court.  It’s even questionable if that’s legal.  So they know what’s going on, but have trouble using it.  However, they can use classified info to obtain warrants.  You know, just like Obama/Clinton did on Trump.  So they’ve used this info to get FISA warrants on a lot of these Deep State guys.  Show that they’re working with another country, the Five Eyes countries for example that tried to sway the election, and they can now spy on them.  So they collect their phone calls, emails, etc.

Then Q spooks them.  He drops info, points people in the right direction.  Slowly the pieces keep coming out from congress getting info.  These players get panicked and get together to talk.  Except now, they’re legally spied on.  So like the call between Comey and Strzok above.  I bet if you played that back, suddenly it’s all clear.  So Q team has all the information but can’t use it to bring them down, so he tricked them into playing their hand.  He got enough to get warrants in place, then scared them into doing stupid things.  The ones that they didn’t have enough info on, they probably do now.



Oh yet another article from big news outlight debunking QAnon.  Q tells us there is another wave of attacks.  This one gets even bigger, but we’ll address that in the 9/12 drops.


Funny thing is, this isn’t a picture of people supporting Q.  It’s actually a very liberal university program.   I saw some people that tracked it down and they have some shady stuff there.  Mostly just brainwashing the kids as many higher education systems do now.  Unfortunately, my normal sites I use to get info are down, so I hadn’t seen much more on this.


This girl got put out by Q.  I guess Q liked that tweet of hers about hammer time.  Maybe a gavel as in a judge?  I suspect she suddenly got a lot of followers on twitter. I pulled her up and she had a bunch of interesting stories flagged, and also was now followed by at least 4 of the people I get a lot of news from these days.


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